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Although we have no control over how long we will live in this world, there are some things we can do to extend our longevity. Longevity can only be imagined by those who prioritize both their mental and physical health.

Here are tips to extend longevity.

  1. Stay Positive


Everything we do or believe in starts in mind. People should strive to remain optimistic to attain exceptional longevity. Although it is quite daunting to stay positive throughout, people should strive to abandon pessimistic thoughts to live longer.

  1. Add Chili Peppers to Your Plate

Research shows that people who spice their meals with different types of chili peppers tend to live longer. Chili peppers reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. According to a recent study, people who eat chili peppers regularly reduce their mortality risk by 23 percent.

  1. Connect with Nature

Nature soothes and eases human thoughts. Whenever people are stressed or under pressure, they should prioritize connecting with nature. They can take a walk in a forest, take a forest bath, or watch the flow of water in a river or lake. It is prudent to take at least 10 minutes daily connecting with nature. People don’t necessarily need to visit a real forest to benefit. Even the few trees and bushes in their yards are equally effective.

  1. Have Enough Sleep, But Don’t Oversleep

Sleep is essential for our bodies to rejuvenate. Sleeping for less than 6 hours a day exposes people to mental illnesses, blood pressure, and obesity. On the flip side, sleeping for more than 10 hours a day increases the chances of developing cardiovascular disease and eventually death. Quality sleep improves our overall health.

  1. Stay Active

People who stay physically active tend to live longer. Exercise is not only crucial in managing weight but also in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise doesn’t have to be of high intensity to be effective. Even a walk around the neighborhood goes a long way in stretching muscles and burning calories.

  1. Practice Compassion

Compassion has a significant impact on our mental health. When we engage in acts of compassion, we get a sense of gratification. Compassion helps people to open up, release their fear and anger. Additionally, practicing compassions helps us to connect with others.