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Going to visit a family member during the holidays is always going to be fun and memorable. Coming back from a holiday trip with your family worried that your mother could not take care of herself after watching her struggle is memorable for all the wrong reasons. But if circumstances don’t work out right, there are both assisted living and nursing homes to look at. 

Assisted living centers provide a great resource for those family members that cannot take care of themselves. Assisted living centers are small communities managed by medical staff to make sure residents get the care they need and can no longer perform on themselves. Assisted living homes provide assistance and independence, so they’re an ideal choice for family members who can’t care for themselves in every way but still crave a sense of autonomy.

One great thing about assisted living centers is that they truly keep the patients’ well-being in mind. It’s common knowledge that when you get older, things become a little harder. Overcoming loneliness and depression can be especially difficult in older people and those that can’t care for themselves. The staff know this and encourage residents to be social and play games. They really try to make the center a community where everyone feels welcome. 

Nursing homes are very similar to assisted living centers, but there are some differences. Unlike assisted living centers, nursing homes tend to be more restrictive because staff members have to provide around the clock care. That’s because the residents in nursing homes tend to require greater assistance than those in assisted living homes. 

That doesn’t mean that one of these facilities is better than the other. They just both serve important services to different members of the community. Both types of facilities help loved ones with essential tasks like taking medication, but they also create a sense of safety and community. Moving to a new facility can be a big life decision, but it doesn’t have to be a negative one.

If you have someone in your family who needs assistance because they cannot live alone anymore, you have to consider your options. If your loved one can still handle most day to day tasks, then they should go to an assisted living facility. If your loved one is extremely sick and needs around the clock care, you should go with a nursing home.