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With the population over the age of 65 expected to reach 90 million by 2050, many Americans have started looking for ways to help their aging loved ones in recent years. While some have stepped into a caregiving role, others who are unable to do so may look into assisted living facilities to care for their loved ones. With so many options available, it can be initially overwhelming to find the best solution for your loved one’s needs. For those interested in finding an assisted living facility for their aging loved one, follow these helpful tips to find the best home possible. 

Personal & Medical Needs
When determining what option is the best match for a loved one, it is important to determine what their biggest needs will be. For example, some individuals may have ongoing medical issues that need to be consistently monitored, so it would be more beneficial to find a facility that can accommodate medical issues. While most assisted living facilities can accommodate medical issues, it is worth the time to confirm beforehand. 

Once the medical side has been determined, talk to your loved one about what personal and social services would benefit them. If your loved one struggles with chronic pain, for example, it will be important to not only find a facility that can provide daily personal care but can provide a room specifically accommodated for chronic pain issues. In doing so, your loved one can maintain their daily schedule during higher levels of pain. 

Social Activities & Services
For many older adults, the idea of entering an assisted living facility means that they are no longer to live independently. To help ease these feelings, assisted living facilities offer a variety of engaging activities throughout the week that residents can take advantage of. Some examples of engaging group activities that are offered include bingo, light workout classes, arts and crafts, and board games. 

If your loved one is nervous about maintaining a sense of normalcy and independence, talk to the potential facilities about what types of social activities and services they provide. Getting a better understanding of what is offered will make your loved one feeling more comfortable with the idea.