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Taking care of your parents as they get older can be difficult. You’ll have to balance between getting essentials tasks done for them, while also getting them to understand that they cant be as independent as they were years ago. Explain to your parents these reasons why they should stop driving as they get older.

Reaction Time

Everyday driving for people with decades of driving experience can feel pretty passive to them. However, the difference between you getting in a car accident or being completely fine can all matter with your reaction time. Older drivers can make up a bit in terms of being safer with how much experience they have, but you can only do so much when you have a car coming straight towards you and you need to swerve out of the way.


As you get older, your muscles will start to weaken and you’ll notice that it takes longer for you to move your body. This can become a huge issue as you get older as your brain still might be able to register quick enough what you have to do but you won’t be able to use your body to turn your steering wheel or look behind your shoulder the way you might need to.


Depending on how old your parents are, you might notice that they aren’t able to remember as much as they used to. Older drivers can have a lot of issues that range from not being able to find their keys to not understanding the laws of the road while they are on the highway. Most adults even forget something every once-in-a-while but it’s only so much with driving that you can forget before you’re causing danger to yourself and others on the road.

Night Vision

If you’re wearing contacts or glasses, you’re probably already aware of what impaired vision can do to your driving skills. However, older people have an issue that younger people don’t typically run into in that their pupils shrink. Your pupils are responsible for bringing in light, meaning that older drivers can have even much more issues driving at night than during the daytime. These issues include not being able to see in front of their car very well or having oncoming headlights completely blind them.